Some Initial Thoughts on Management and Moderation

Some Initial Thoughts on Management and Moderation

When I started this instance, I didn’t give much thought about running it, what it would take, or how it would be managed. Honestly I didn’t expect to get anyone to sign up, much less need to care for them.

Growing Communities

Well, people are signing up. (Welcome aboard! I can’t wait to see what games you are playing!) Yet, simultaneously I was seeing a new site built around sex workers and an amazing resilient community. I was seeing Mastodon being used for what it was intended to; a decentralized and federated system for any people group. Truly inspiring.

Moderation vs. Censorship

However that left me with a bit of a conundrum. If I allowed Boardgames.Social to federate with that communities instance, my users would begin to see content that wasn’t safe for work or appropriate for most families. I deeply believe that gaming is an amazing hobby for families and my desire is to recreate a bit of that sense here at Boardgames.Social. In addition, there is a proposed change to legislation that might make the content on illegal. It is for those reasons I have decided not to federate with I will also not federate with similar sites with similar or possibly illegal content.

I have great respect for the organization that is caring for that community and I also hate to censor, but in this case I think it is for the best.

A Legacy

That leads me to The admin recently decided to not renew the hosting for it, and isn’t handing it over to anyone else. Essentially leaving everyone without their online Mastodon host and having to choose a new one. And while this is a part of a federated, decentralized network, I don’t want to want to do that to fellow board game geeks.

My hope is to give one year to creating this community. I will personally fund this instance until its user base grows to a place which would require me to upgrade the hardware. The donate button is only there to cover hosting costs if it is needed in the future. Don’t worry about it now. I would also like to add a team of moderators too. I think the best way for me to do that is to take note of who is active, kind and helpful for others on the instance. I think it will happen naturally. Just know that I intend to have a larger team of moderators in the next few months.

That is it for now; Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!