Tips and Tricks for New Users

Tips and Tricks for New Users

Hello and welcome to Boardgames.Social! User @debnix recently posted a link to our instance on /r/boardgames and consequently there have been a bunch of new users signing up that might not be familiar with Mastodon. This post is for them, or anyone else that is new.

What is Mastodon?

The best option is to spend 2 minutes on this little video. It provides a great deal of info as to why Mastodon is great.

A few things about the interface.

You will notice a Home timeline, a Local timeline and a Federated timeline. Basically, the Home timeline shows you a list of toots (like tweets, but 500 characters) from people you follow and the toots they boost (like retweet.) The Local timeline is comprised of the local public toots from our instance. Namely, mostly people that like playing board games. The Federated timeline is a list of public toots that this instance federates with; that is, other instances that it is aware of. This is cheekily called the Fediverse.

Where are the apps?

My favorite app, which allows you to sign into multiple instances, is called Amaroq. I hear there are even better apps for Android. Also, the website is called a progressive web app. If you save the URL to the homescreen on your iPhone, it will behave like an app! Pretty cool.

Where is everyone?

That is the biggest problem right now with Mastodon in my opinion, it can be hard to find people that are interesting or have the same intrests. If you use Twitter, you can use this site ( to find your friends across the Fediverse. Best thing, just get out there and meet some new people. Interact with those on the Federated timeline; you will make friends in no time.

It is also worth mentioning: if you post a toot with an #introduction hashtag in it, people tend to boost them so they get seen around the Fediverse. Be sure to say what you enjoy so people can follow you based on similar interests.

That is it for now; Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!