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Welcome to the first Mastodon Instance (that I know of) for board gamers! Join others in a free (libre!) and user supported social network for board gamers and the games they love. Robert, draft13 on BGG, is the admin. Be sure to invite your fellow BGGs to join up. The more the merrier. This is the official blog for Boardgames.Social.

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A Proper Hello!

  • 2 min read

This post is to serve for new users on Boardgames.Social. If this is your first account on Mastodon, things might be a bit disorienting. There is the interface, the different “timelines” and the actual posts from the what is call the “Fediverse.”

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Reason for a another Mastodon Instance

  • 1 min read

I have been thinking a lot about the #deletefacebook movement. This got me looking into Mastodon again as a platform. I have had an account on for a while, but without a community to move to, it honestly didn’t keep me coming back to it. I was also trying to trim some of my own personal online habits. So I deleted the bookmark and app from my phone. It wasn’t until this massive data leak news did I reconsider what social media accounts I wanted to use.

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